KAPA Mouse Genotyping Kits

KAPA Mouse Genotyping Kits

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KAPA Mouse
Genotyping Kits

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offer n°20140117-MG-KAPA
valid until 31/12/2014

Complete Kit for the rapid extraction and amplification of DNA from mouse tissue:

* KAPA Express Extract - 15 minute extraction using no organic solvents and requiring no pH neutralization or centrifugation.
* KAPA2G Fast Genotyping Mix - 45 minutes amplification using a novel DNA polymerase engineered for high processivity and extreme speed.
* Available in a convenient master mix format with loading dye, in both hot start and non-hot start formulations.
From tail to type in 1 hour!

The KAPA Mouse Genotyping Kit outperforms crude DNA extraction methods used for mouse genotyping, in significantly shorter turnaround times.
Results for five amplicons (312 – 915 bp) generated with the KAPA Mouse Genotyping Kit (1) were compared to those obtained with two commonly used methods (2 and 3). With the KAPA Mouse Genotyping Kit, DNA lysates were prepared from mouse tails with the rapid (15 min), single-tube KAPA Express Extract system. Amplification with the KAPA2G Fast HotStart ReadyMix with dye was completed in 45 min. In contrast, DNA lysates were prepared with a ~3.5-hour Proteinase K protocol (2) or a rapid (~2.5 h) alkaline lysis method (3). In both cases, amplification was performed with wild-type Taq (1.5 h cycling protocol). Results obtained with the KAPA Mouse Genotyping Kit were equal or better (more specific) than those obtained with other methods, which (depending on the exact DNA extraction protocol used), may takeat least four times as long, or up to 1 day to complete.

Kit Contents
KAPA Mouse Genotyping Kit KK7301 10 extracts + 100 PCR
KAPA Mouse Genotyping Kit KK7302 500 extracts + 500 PCR
KAPA Mouse Genotyping Kit (HotStart) KK7351 10 extracts + 100 PCR
KAPA Mouse Genotyping Kit (HotStart) KK7352 500 extracts + 500 PCR