Washing Buffer TRIS IHC

Référence 146 500

Conditionnement : 500ml

Marque : CANDOR Bioscience

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Téléphone : +1 850 650 7790

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Wash Buffer for immunoassays

Washing Buffer is optionally available based on TRIS or PBS.
Washing steps are needed to remove unbound and excessive components which are able to interfere with the assay.
Washing Buffer is suitable for automatic washers (please note the specifications of your device and follow the instruction manual of your washer!)

For immunohistochemistry we offer Washing Buffer without Tween and detergents.

10x concentrate
Simply dilute with water!

For general laboratory use

10x concentrate (PBS)

10x concentrate (PBS without detergents)

10x concentrate (TRIS)

10x concentrate (TRIS without detergents)

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