The IX Clinical Biochemistry Workshop

The IX Clinical Biochemistry Workshop

The IX Clinical Biochemistry Workshop (IX-CBW)

Date : January 26, 2024

Place : Campus of Gambelas University of Algarve (UAlg) Faro, Portugal


This interdisciplinary event aims to bring together researchers from the scientific community who enhance the interaction between Biochemistry and Clinics to present their most recent discoveries on topics such as aging, health and metabolic diseases with an emphasis on neurological, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, among other pathologies. However, historically, this Workshop has had a high percentage of undergraduate, master's and doctoral students as participants, reflecting the interest that the event has had in scientists of the future.

Students from various degrees, masters and doctorates, as well as researchers and teachers, are therefore invited to participate in the IX Clinical Biochemistry Workshop, in the simple city of Faro, where it is good to live, study and research! Share with us your latest research to a committed scientific community, which has shared and promoted these Workshops in this 21st century. The excellent quality expected from the presenters and their research will certainly serve as an innovative reference for the coming decades, allowing for a broader application of Clinical Biochemistry in various fields as well as promoting the quality of life of future generations.

You can find us at the IX Clinical Biochemistry Workshop  . Feel free to pass by and discuss your projects with our CliniSiences scientific advisor 

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