Custom service : Mouse monoclonals production

Custom service : Mouse monoclonals production

Monoclonal antibodies are highly specific against a part of the protein.

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They can be used in a large number of techniques.
Moreover, hybridomas production allows to obtain an endless resource of antibodies.
In addition to this antibody production, we propose you other custom servies such as Recombinant production and Gene synthesis.

Standard protocol :
- Immunization of mice
- Fusion of B-cells with myeloma cells
- ELISA screening
- Sending of positive supernatants to the customer in order to make him testing the different clones in their own applications
- Cloning of hybridomas selected by limit dilutions
- Shipment of hybridomas and culture supernatants

Key numbers :
- Number of mice : 5
- Number of shipped hybridomas : 2-5
- Number of shipped hybridomas supernatants : 2-5
- Delay of prestation : 4-5 months

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