OncoMid-Diss Kit


The OncoMiD-Diss® dissociation medium is specifically optimised for dissociating human colorectal cancer tumour samples. It allows the dissociation of tumour samples into individual cells, thus facilitating their entry into primary culture. Four tubes containing different products are required to initiate, control and stop tumour dissociation, combined with specific procedures for colorectal cancer tissue.



  The OncoMiD® defined culture media have been optimised in order to obtain, one week after dissociation and for all cancer subtypes of the pathology to be treated, a purified primary culture of tumour cells. During these 7 days, the high cell death observed reflects the selective elimination of cells from the microenvironment. The procedure is optimal when all media OncoMiD-Via®, OncoMiD-Diss® and OncoMid® are combined.



Storage : 2-8°C


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OMDISS2 OncoMid-Diss Colorectal Cancer Tissue Dissociation Kit - Oncomedics  1 Kit 



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