Azan's trichrome

Azan's trichrome

Recommended method for the staining of connective tissues, and more specifically muscle fibers, glial fibers, collagen, reticulum, glomerular stroma of the kidney, erythrocytes and nuclear chromatin in histological sections.

Azan's trichrome is based on the use of two acidic dyes: azocarmine and aniline blue. In practice, cytological staining with azocarmine is combined with counterstaining with aniline blue, after phosphotungstic acid etching. For good results, it is necessary to over-stain with azocarmin and then differentiate slowly with aniline blue to prevent the counterstain color covers the colored elements such as muscle, collagen ...

Here are some examples of colorations obtained with Azan's trichrome:
  • Granules and glomerular stroma of the kidney: deep blue
  • Neuroglia: redness
  • Muscle: Orange
  • Chromatin, erythrocytes and acidophilic granules of the pituitary: red
  • Cytoplasmic granules of pituitary delta cells: light blue

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