Masson-Goldner's trichrome

Masson-Goldner's trichrome

Masson-Goldner's trichrome is used for the visualization of muscles, collagen fibers, connective tissues, gametes, nuclei, neurofibrils, neuroglia, intracellular keratin fibers, as well as the negative visualization of the Golgi apparatus.

The basic composition of the Masson-Goldner trichrome is 3 dyes: Weigert's hematoxylin for nuclei, a mixture of acid dyes (Fuschine Biebrich acid scarlet) for cytoplasm and brilliant green for collagen.

Masson-Goldner trichrome staining is a method of staining muscle fibers and collagen in tissues in which the Fast Green dye binds to collagen and causes it to turn green. Masson-Goldner's trichrome is also used to visualize the increase in collagen accumulation associated with functional tissues taken for scar tissue (diagnosis of liver sclerosis), but also for the differentiation of smooth muscle fibers. and collagens.

Here are some examples of stains with Masson-Goldner's trichrome:
  • Nuclei: black
  • Muscle fibers, keratin, cytoplasm: bright red
  • Collagen, mucus: green
  • Erythrocytes: Red-orange

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