Movat pentachrome

Movat pentachrome

Movat pentachrome is a staining that makes it possible to highlight the collagen fibers. It is sometimes requested in cardiovascular pathology because it is adapted to the staining of the heart and the blood vessels.
The Movat staining is based on 5 dyes that's why we talk about Movat pentachrome, also called Russel-Movat coloration modified. It highlights many tissue components, on the same histological section: collagen, fibrin, elastin, mucins, muscle ... Its great capacity for differentiation allows to detect the most subtle variations that we could not see with classical colors (proportion between the different types of fibers, morphology of complex structures, ...).
This staining technique makes it possible to stain the nuclei in blue-black, in red the cytoplasm, the muscles and the fibrin, in yellow the collagen and the reticular fibers and in blue lime the mucin.

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