Biomimesys® Brain : A natural hydroscaffold for 3D culture of neuronal cells
To better mimic the tissue microenvironment and to permit long term culture of neuronal cells

CPN™ - Conjugated polymer nanoparticles
Visually brighter than dyes and quantum dots

New µ-Plate 384 well for microscopy
Combining High Throughput With High Resolution

Mitochondrial bioactive peptides
Mitochondrial peptides are encoded and transcribed by the mitochondria. These peptides can play roles in age-related diseases. 

High fidelity reverse transcriptase (RT)
Higher thermostability, processivity, and fidelity than retroviral reverse transcriptases

Test our high purity recombinant collagenases
Collagenases are proteolytic enzymes able to cleave peptide bonds in the triple helical collagen molecule.

Fluorescence Cell Analyzer
Countstar Rigel S2 combines two fluorescence channels plus a brightfield digital microscope, an image cytometer and a cell counter in a single benchtop instrument

Quality marking system at a low price
Davidson Marking system - Proven quality for over 30 years

New Ultra-Sensitive qPCR Gene Mutation Detection Kits
QClamp® Detects Rare and Actionable Cancer Mutations & Fusion Genes with ultrasensitivity New Technology : Xenonucleic Acid (XNA) Molecular Clamp Technology

4 Individual Cell cultures in 1 Dish
Perform Up to 4 Parallel Cellular Microscopy Assays in 1 Single Dish

Stain actin filaments in 5 minutes !
LifeAct-TagGFP2 : Recombinant protein for fast staining of actin filaments in living and fixed cells.

Flow cytometry : Prepare your cells without centrifugation
Cell processing technology enabling superior staining and retention of suspension cells using centrifuge-less washing.

Circulating Tumour Cell Stabilisation
Stabilisation of Circulating Tumour Cells in TransFix Treated Blood Samples

Hydroxyproline & Collagen Assay Kits (PCA free)
The simplest, yet sensitive series of assays in the market !!!!

FlexLISA® Kits
Flexible, quick and easy ELISA development and optimization!

PCR Clean-Up Reagent
EnzSAP PCR Cleanup reagent is a proprietary formulation of 2 hydrolytic enzymes 

Sanger Sequencing cleanup
 Kits and reagents for Dye Terminator Removal 

Jellagen Jellyfish Collagen
Next generation collagen for cell culture and stem cell research

New! Magnetic Conjugation Kit
For generating highly sensitive magnetic conjugates in just 1 hour!

Cell growth determination kit
MTT assay based on mitochondrial activity

Powerful RNA extraction from FFPE samples
RNAstorm Kit

QuickSwitch™ Custom Tetramer Kits
Fast, High-Quality Generation of New Tetramer Specificities

New TransFix® Phlebotomy Packs
New format for ease of use in collecting TransFix-stabilised human blood

New Library Preparation kits for Illumina®
Choose the best kit for your DNA-Seq

New Cuvette Spectrophotometer
Intuitive, Compact and Stand-Alone