NeoLight illuminator

NeoLight illuminator

Neolight is an illumination device, dedicated to the LUCS assay and to the AOP1 assay for research and development in the biotech industries. Thanks to its compact design including a controller and a LED array fully integrated inside the device, Neolight is especially adapted for usual benchtop environment. Please contact us if you need a specific device for HTS platform environment.


Safety instructions

To avoid accidents and malfunctions, please observe the following precautions:


** The NeoLight device contains LED arrays with high light intensity. Looking directly at the light source can cause eye discomfort and damage.
** Always use the device with the supplied power adapter, any other power adapter may cause damage to the device.
** Connect the power adapter to an earthed socket.
** Keep the appliance away from flammable gases and heat sources.
** Do not modify or disassemble the appliance.
** Do not get the appliance wet and do not use it with wet hands.
** Be careful not to drop the appliance or hit it against hard surfaces.





Packing list::

NeoLight device x1
AC/DC power adapter x1 with power cable x1 (EU plug)
Instructions for use x1


Technical specifications

Power input  AC 90 – 264V (50Hz)
Power consumption  24W
Weight 2850g
Dimensions 180x260x100mm
Compatible plate  Standard, 127.8 x 85.5 mm


Operating instructions

  • Connect the DC plug to the appliance.
  • Connect the mains cable to the mains adapter.
  • Insert the plug of the mains cable into the socket.
  • Switch on the mains switch (position "I").
  • The status indicator will light up blue within a few seconds.
/upload/6-uhmvmg.png Carefully open the drawer and place the fountain plate on the holder.
Then close the drawer.
/upload/7-q7tycd.png First select the "NeoStress" or "NeoLux" test.
Press the start button to start the lighting.

You will notice a change in the brightness of the status light during the lighting process.
At the end of the lighting process, the light switches off for 2 seconds and then switches on again, with the status light returning to a stable brightness.

 Wait until the end of the lighting process before opening the drawer.

/upload/9-kwy2ea.png Switch off the power switch (position "O") before disconnecting the power supply.


List of products

Cat. no Description  Cond.
NB-63-0005-Demo NeoLight; 96/384 Well Plate Illuminator for NeoStress/Neolux technologies - Demo  96/384Well 
NB-63-0005 NeoLight; 96/384 Well plate illuminator for NeoStress/Neolux technologies  96/384Well