Cells / Tissues

Cells / Tissues

ixcyte - Cell line development
Send us your cell line, we perform the service and send the modified cells back to you.

upcyte service - expanded primary cells
Do you need customised cells ?

Custom service : 3D culture scaffold
With BIOMIMESYS® technology, we offer a specific hydroscaffold ECM for each organ (healthy or pathologic)>, by fine tuning its elastic modulus and its composition.

Custom service: Gene Targeting in Cell Lines
Adding TARGATT™ sites to your cell line allows you to insert any gene of interest in that specific locus in the genome of the cell line. => Quote request

Custom service : Production of customized culture media
We offer to produce a customized medium. => Quote request

Custom service : Primary cells obtention
The primary cell isolation is for those customers who have specialized needs. => Quote request