Chemotaxis FastTrack AI Image Analysis

Chemotaxis FastTrack AI Image Analysis

Results in minutes for chemotaxis tests

An AI-based automated image analysis solution for chemotaxis testing

  • Fast and powerful cell tracking with artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Objective and reproducible analysis without labeling
  • Easy and fast data processing-results in minutes without manual follow-up
  • No additional hardware or software required


  • Cell tracking in chemotaxis assays
  • Single cell migration analysis

Technical specifications

  • Cell recognition based on a deep learning algorithm
  • Fully compatible with brightfield and phase contrast microscopy
  • No fluorescence marking required
  • For cells attached to 2D surfaces in 3D gel matrices
  • Web-based image analysis platform - no software installation required

Experimental workflow

Chemotaxis assays are performed to analyze whether or not a cell type orients and migrates directly to a chemotactic agent. FastTrack AI is a machine learning based solution for automated cell migration analysis.

First, use the chemotaxis of the µ-slide to run your chemotaxis assay and perform live cell imaging to acquire microscopy images. Then, simply upload your data to your FastTrack AI account and start the analysis job. Within 1-2 hours, you will receive a detailed report to download and further evaluate.