4 Individual Cell cultures in 1 Dish
Perform Up to 4 Parallel Cellular Microscopy Assays in 1 Single Dish

Anti-PDL1 antibody
Monclonal rabbit antibody for diagnostic use

Stain actin filaments in 5 minutes !
LifeAct-TagGFP2 : Recombinant protein for fast staining of actin filaments in living and fixed cells.

Double color CISH ERBB2 /CEN 17 probe
For breast cancer diagnostic

Osteosarcoma - Histone H3.3 G34W : New published marker and antibodies
H3.3 G34W : New osteosarcoma marker Published rabbit monoclonal antibody

Nano-Traps : Nanobodies for immunoprecipitation
Nano-Traps are ideal for fast, reliable and efficient one-step immunoprecipitations.

Bead-based immunoassays and flow cytometry : Minimize reagent consomption - Maximize data quality
DropArray Technology for flow cytometry and Bead-based immunoassays

Flow cytometry : Prepare your cells without centrifugation
Cell processing technology enabling superior staining and retention of suspension cells using centrifuge-less washing.

Tuberculosis diagnosis: enhancer retention of Mycobacteria
MycoDDR, rigid pH control leads to greater retention of viable Mycobacteria

Enhance the growth of E.coli and other microbial cells
Ultra Yield Flasks and AirOTop Enhanced Seals

FISH probes panel to diagnose AML
Now validated to be reduced to 2h (CE-IVD)

Optimized hPSC culture - Nutristem V9 XF medium without cytokine and antibiotic
20170904 article Nutristem EN NutriStem® V9 XF basal (defined, xeno-free, serum-free)

Flasks for protein production
Space saving - More volume

Circulating Tumour Cell Stabilisation
Stabilisation of Circulating Tumour Cells in TransFix Treated Blood Samples

Hydroxyproline & Collagen Assay Kits (PCA free)
The simplest, yet sensitive series of assays in the market !!!!

ZyBlack™ Quenching solution for FISH
Reduce autofluorescence on in situ hybridization

Cell damage and toxicity - FABP ELISA Kits
Highly sensitive measurement of cytosolic proteins allows early and rapid detection of loss of cell membrane integrity. Highly sensitive detection of disturbed cell membrane integrity is of importance in cellular toxicology studies and in various experimental and clinical situations like myocardial infarction and liver transplantation.

FlexLISA® Kits
Flexible, quick and easy ELISA development and optimization!

Unique design buccal swabs
Buccal DNA collection

New FISH probe set for glioma diagnostic
1p36/19q13 Probe Set with ZyBlack Quenching Solution

Lectins for glycoprotein research

Mycoplasma Detection PCR Kits
Test your cell culture

More specific than enzymatic assay

PCR Clean-Up Reagent
EnzSAP PCR Cleanup reagent is a proprietary formulation of 2 hydrolytic enzymes 

Multiple Myeloma (MM) MRD kits
Panel of standardized antibodies for immunophenotypic detection of minimal residual disease (MM-MRD) in multiple myelomas by flow cytometry