FBS Alternatives for a successful culture

FBS Alternatives for a successful culture

In this article, we propose alternatives to fetal calf serum for cell culture.


Growing concerns about animal welfare, limited availability, and batch-to-batch variations have prompted researchers to seek more controlled and defined alternatives to  fetal bovine serum (FBS). Among these emerging alternatives are XerumFree, FBS Xtra, FBS Minis, and  developed to meet the specific needs of cell cultures.

                          FBS alternatives for cell culture supplement
 XerumFree (100 ml; 500 ml)

XerumFree is a chemically defined additive for cell culture, guaranteed to be free from any product derived from animal or human materials. It replaces FBS and offers consistent quality. It is free from hormones, cytokines, and unknown compounds. Researchers can conveniently use it without the need for thawing

FBS Xtra

FBS Xtra, a refined FBS, developed as an alternative to traditional FBS, features reduced serum content and minimal batch-to-batch variation. Identified key components optimize cell growth without sacrificing performance, and supplemented to cell culture media in the same concentation as your standard FBS.


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