Flow cytometry : Prepare your cells without centrifugation

Flow cytometry : Prepare your cells without centrifugation

Cell processing technology enabling superior staining and retention of suspension cells using centrifuge-less washing.

DA-Cell plates are used for cell processing of suspensions cells for flow cytometry assays. Each plate has 96 wells designed with two satellites to allow for dual-nozzle laminar flow washing via the DA-Cell washing station (HT1000). Each well has its own nozzles for quick and simultaneous washing of each well. Each well can have volumes up to 70 ul which is equivalent to approximately 5 million cells.

The DA-Cell Platform is a breakthrough innovation device with a uniquely designed wall-less plate that utilizes the same DropArray technology from our original DA-Bead plate while incorporating additional patented features that allow for laminar-flow washing with a 96-well dual nozzle washer. Cells can be gently washed with this novel centrifuge-less process offering significant benefits over the traditional centrifuge method for flow cytometry applications.


DA-Cell Technology

Unique design eliminates need to centrifuge - 2 nozzles per droplet on DA-Cell Plate

Cell Washing via laminar flow in 2-4 minutes

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DA-Cell enables >95% cell retention and results in superior data over microtiter plates/centrifugation