ZERO exposure NBF containers

ZERO exposure NBF containers

Are you concerned about formaldehyde exposure?

ZERO exposure neutral buffered formalin (NBF) containers provide the ultimate protection for Long-term formaldehyde exposure that increases the risk of health effects, most commonly asthmalike respiratory problems as well as eye and skin irritation. 

For additional protection of precious tissue during collection, the upper chamber of the 60 mL* and 500 mL containers are filled with phosphate buffered saline (PBS). The upper chamber is then lowered into 20% non-buffered formalin below to create a buffered solution.

ZERO exposure (NBF) containers is availabe in different Volume   


48201121 60 mL* ZERO container with 10 mL 20% non-buffered formalin and 10 mL PBS Carton/192 (4 trays of 48)
48201111 60 mL ZERO Container with 20 mL 10% NBF Carton/192 (4 trays of 48)
48202111 150 mL ZERO container with 60 mL 10% NBF Carton/96 (4 trays of 24)
48203111  500 mL ZERO container with 115 mL 20% non-buffered formalin and 115 mL PBS Carton/16 (4 trays of 4)