Custom service : Rabbit polyclonals production

Custom service : Rabbit polyclonals production

Use of rabbits to produce polyclonal antibodies allow to obtain important amounts of antiserum containing a high titer of antibodies with a strong affinity to the antigen.

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This prestation is realized from peptide, recombinant protein, cDNA (genetic immunization), small organisms, haptens, protein extracts etc…

Standard protocol :
- Peptide design
- Peptide synthesis ou Recombinant protein production
- KLH Labeling (or any other carrier) if necessary
- Immunization of rabbit
- ELISA tests for titers determination
- Delivery of pre-immune serum, peptide and immun serum
- Option 1 : choice of the rabbits for immunizations (shipment of pre-immun serum)
- Option 2 : Affinity purification against the antigen or protein A

Key numbers :
- Minimal number of animals in the protocol : 1
- Protocol length : 50-90 days (depending on the project)
- Number of injections per animal : 5
- Quantity of antigen per injection : 150-300 µg
- Number of sample collections per animal : 3
- Final amount of antibodies per animal : 60-75 mL

We can develop polyclonal antibodies from other species : Chicken, Guinea Pig, Rat, Mouse, Chinese Hamster, Goat, Donkey, Sheep.

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