=> 2024-06-30 : Kits and machine for measuring antioxidants in living cells. 30% launch discount!

=> 2024-06-30 : Kits and machine for measuring antioxidants in living cells. 30% launch discount!




Introducing NeoStress & NeoLux Assays alongside and NeoLight Illuminator from NeoBiotech, designed to empower your biotech research. Plus, enjoy an exclusive 30% discount on all orders!  until June 30, 2024

NeoStress assays Kit : Measure of intracellular antioxidant activity

Offers a highthroughput solution for monitoring intracellular ROS production. The assay measures fluorescence levels by employing a biosensor activated through LED illumination, revealing alterations induced by singlet oxygen and ROS.

  • Evaluation of sample’s intracellular antioxidant activity by direct measurement of its efficacy concentrations on live cell models
  • Dose-effect study conducted
  • Evaluation of efficacy concentrations (EC10, EC50, EC90)
  • Study conducted on human HepG2 cells
  • Evaluation of 8 concentrations in serial dilutions of products, extracts, or active principles
  • Test method includes two independent experiments
  • Each experiment comprises 3 end-point measurements (triplicate) for each tested concentration


NeoLux Assay Kit: Light Up Cell System

utilizing LUCS technology, a live cell test designed to assess the condition of homeostasis or cell damage through fluorescence readout making it compatible with commercial fluorescence readers.

  • For 1000 or 4000 mesure points in 96-well plates
  • One-Step procedure
  • No wash
  • Standard procedure to most cell lines ( optimisation kit available if needed)
  • Adapted to cell lines, hiPSCs, primary cell,...
  • 1 solution in the kit ( biosensor to be diluted in the culture medium)
  • Storage 4°C
  • Time to expiration: 6 months
  • Also available for 384-w plates.


NeoLight illuminator: An illumination device

/upload/neolight-m78fj2.png Dedicated to the NeoLux assay and to the NeoStress assay for research and development in the biotech industries. Thanks to its compact design including a controller and a LED array
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