Purchase One Primary Antibody, Get a Secondary FREE

Purchase One Primary Antibody, Get a Secondary FREE



           Amplify Your Antibody Research:  
Buy One Primary, Get a Secondary FREE in 20µl Samples!



Offer n°2023-SECONDARY valid until 31/12/2023

Buy one primary antibody from our catalog and get one 20µl vial of secondary antibody 

completely free.

Factors to consider for secondary antibody selection

                1 - Consider the host species of your primary antibody and the type of readout you wish to use

Mouse     Human     Rat     Rabbit         Hamster 
Sheep   Cow   Dog   Pig   Chicken


            2. Explore affinity purified, cross-adsorbed secondary antibodies

The use of these antibodies is characterized by their high specificity and their ability to minimize cross-reactivity. They are meticulously purified to specifically bind to their target antigens, thereby ensuring a high degree of precision in the results of your experiments.

Human      Mouse    Rat    Monkey    Rabbit         Chicken 
Sheep   Goat   Horse            

 3. Try using fragmented secondary antibodies in certain situations

Fragmented secondary antibodies such as Fab or F(ab')2 fragments reduce non-specific binding, improving the specificity of immune reactions.
F(ab')2   Fab

                      4. Choose a conjugate that is compatible with your assay and detection technology

  • Fluorescence: secondary antibody is conjugated to a fluorophore
  • Chemiluminescence and chromogenic: A secondary antibody is enzyme-linked



* Offer valid only on a list of  secondary antibodies. Please add the cat number of the free secondary antibody in your order. The promotion will not be applied without the promotion code and the cat number.

In cases where a suitable secondary antibody is not required or available, we suggest a Fluoromount as an alternative gift:  

    Fluoromount, a mounting medium 


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