Polyethylenimine (PEI) cellular transfection reagent

Polyethylenimine (PEI) cellular transfection reagent

Cellular transfection reagent



Linear polyethylenimine is a high-charge cationic polymer that readily binds highly anionic substrates.
  • Industrially, linear PEI can improve the appearance of negatively charged dyes by modulating their properties and improving their adherence to surfaces.
  • In research, PEI readily binds to DNA and other negatively charged biological molecules, making it the most efficient vector carriers available.

Molecular weight: 25,000
Soluble in: hot water, cold water at low pH, methanol and ethanol
Insoluble in: benzene, ethyl ether and acetone


Linear polyethylenimine HCI MAX is a fully hydrolyzed (deacylated), highly water soluble hydrochloride salt form of our Linear polyethylenimine, Mw 25000. PEI MAX contains a longer contiguous ethylenimine segments resulting in more than 11%increase in protonable nitrogens.

Molecular weight: 40,000
Soluble in: cold and room temperature water
Insoluble in: common organic solvents (ethanol, acetone, tetrahydrofuran)


Ready-to-use, TransporterTM 5 Transfection reagent is based on a proprietary polyethylenimine derivative.
The structure of TransporterTM 5 condenses DNA into positively charged complexes which enter the cell by endocytosis.

Works exceptionally well for transfection of:
- HEK-293
- HeLa
- Insect cell lines (Sf9 and Sf1)

Cat # Description Size  
23966-1 Polyethylenimine, linear 1 g  
23966-2 2 g  
24765-1 PEI MAX, MW 40,000 1 g  
24765-2 2 g  
26008-1 TransporterTM 5 Transfection Reagent 1 ml  
26008-5 5 ml