Custom service: Gene Targeting in Cell Lines

Custom service: Gene Targeting in Cell Lines

Adding TARGATT™ sites to your cell line allows you to insert any gene of interest in that specific locus in the genome of the cell line.

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TARGATT™ Technology in Cell Lines

  • TARGATT™ site is placed in the specified locus in the genome of your cell line by homologous recombination
  • TARGATT™ site can then be used for gene integration into this locus (for any gene of interest)

1. Suspension Cells

2. Human ES Cells

3. Protein Overexpression in Cell Lines

We offer a customized TARGATT™ gene targeting service for any cell line for your projects, e.g.
Gene Editing, Gene Modification, Cell Based Assays and Drug Screening (HTP Screening).


  • Vector design and construction
  • Electroporation (or other transfection) into cell line of choice (suspension or adherent)
  • Selection of clones and screening for successful integration
  • Expansion of targeted clones