Custom service : Production of customized culture media

Custom service : Production of customized culture media

We offer to produce a customized medium.

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The extensive experience of our suppliers in liquid manufacturing and packaging for the biological and biopharmaceutical markets makes partnering with us an obvious choice as your products progress from the laboratory and pilot scales to full scale production.

Our services include :
- Sterile filtration and aseptic filling in a controlled environment clean rooms (graded from ISO 8 up to ISO 5)

- Flexible packaging in industrial single-use (bulk) bags from 0.5 to 2000 Liter

o With consistent quality
o Rapid delivery

- Upstream and downstream formulation (i.e. buffers)

- Cell culture media and liquid formulation optimization

- Research and pilot scale freeze-drying

- Extensive range of Quality Control services

Our suppliers manufacture under stringent quality system:
- ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certifications
- cGMP compliant facility

- Minimal volume : 3 liters

Already realized specific media :
Richter's Imemzo, MCDB 153, M-2 Medium, M-16 Medium, MCDB 107, U2U7, Click's Medium, N2, CMRL-1066, IPL-41, MCDB-170, Swim's S77, MCDB 105, MCDB 131, William's Medium, B16 Medium, MCDB 202, WAJC 404, ITS (Transferrin, Insulin, Selenite), MEM-E Earle's without L-Leucine, MEM-E Hanks' without Glucose, DMEM low Glucose without L-Histidine, DMEM high Glucose with D-Valine, M-199 Earle's without Magnesium, F-12 Coon's Modification, F-12K, RPMI-1640 without Folic Acid