Custom service : mRNA synthesis
We can custom synthesize your mRNAs.

Custom service : primer synthesis
We can custom synthesize your primers. => Quote request

Custom service : probe synthesis
We can custom synthesize your DNA probes for qPCR (MolecularBeacons/EasyBeacons ou TaqMan®/HydrolEasy probes) => Quotation request

Custom service : Gene synthesis
We propose to produce a double-stranded DNA from your nucleotidic sequence. => Quotation request

Custom service : Clone modification
We propose you to modify your clone according to your needs. => Quotation request

Custom service : shRNA design and synthesis
We propose you to synthetize your shRNA. => Quotation request

Custom service : DNA Arrays
We developed a standardized process for developing Custom Projects. => Quotation request  

Custom service : DNA/RNA purification
We perform your extractions and purifications of nucleic acids. => Quotation request

Custom service : PCR/RT-PCR experiment
We perform your PCR and RT-PCR from the biological material that you supply or from the one we prepare or synthetized for you. => Quotation request