Calendar game 2021 - Discover the answers

Calendar game 2021 - Discover the answers

You received our 202 calendar with your orders.

Our calendar contains 12 images, you had to find out where these images are on our site to win a gift. All the images can be found in our catalog.

The first 20 correct answers will receive a special gift, but don't worry all correct answers will be rewarded.

Here are the correct answers you had to give to win:

  • January :  Antibiotics for cell culture
  • February :  Mounting Media for fluorescent microscopy
  • March :  Kits for the preparation of Illumina libraries - Genome resequencing
  • April :  Histological special stains
  • May :  Phytopathology products
  • June : Antibodies
  • July :  Nucleic acids extraction
  • August :  Gelling agents for plant culture
  • September : Microspheres and particles
  • October : Transfection reagents
  • November : Chromogens for IHC
  • December : CRISP/Cas9 Technology