Enumeration of viable CD34+ stem cells

Enumeration of viable CD34+ stem cells

As percentage of all viable leukocytes

CD34 QuantiFlowEx® Kit is intended for identification and percentage enumeration of total viable CD34+ stem cells from total viable leucocytes in specimens with determined white blood cell (WBC) count.
The kit is intended for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) use in combination with a flow cytometer equipped with appropriate light scatter and fluorescence detectors and appropriate softwarefor data acquisition and analysis.

The following specimens can be analyzed using the CD34 QuantiFlowEx® Kit:

- normal and mobilized peripheral blood
- fresh and thawed leukapheresis products
- fresh and thawed bone marrow
- fresh and thawed cord blood.

Composition du kit :

  • Monoclonal antibodies : anti-CD45 FITC (clone MEM-28) and anti-CD34 PE (clone 4H11)
  • Cell viability dye : 7-aminoactinomycin-D
  • Lysing solution : ammonium chloride for red blood cell lysis
Analysis with a flow cytometer 

Cat# Description
Specification Format
ED7080-T050 CD34 QuantiFlowEx® Kit 50 tests CE-IVD