Kappa & Lambda polyclonal F(ab’)2 antibodies

Kappa & Lambda polyclonal F(ab’)2 antibodies

Rabbit Anti-Human Antibodies for Cytometry

Discover our new antibodies designed for simultaneous detection and enumeration of kappa light chains and lambda light chains:

  • Excellent Stain Index

  • High Brightness

  • Superior Quality

Best choice in flow cytometric analysis of Kappa and Lambda Light Chain expression

Your best solution for B-Cell lymphoproliferative disorders with:

  • Multicolor alternatives
  • Single, double or triple colour combinations
  • Use both in extracellular or intracellular staining
Single Colour KAPPA-FITC

Triple Colour KAPPA-FITC / LAMBDA -PE/CD19-PE-Cyanine 5

For Research Use Only

Cat# Description Format Size
KAPPAF3-100T Rabbit Anti-Human Kappa Light Chains F(ab')2 Polyclonal Antibody conjugated with FITC FITC 100 tests
LAMBDAPE2-100T Rabbit Anti-Human Lambda Light Chains F(ab')2 Polyclonal Antibody conjugated with R-PE PE 100 test

Two Color Reagent with F(ab')2 Rabbit Anti-Human antibodies:

  • Kappa Light Chains conjugated with FITC
  • Lambda Light Chains, conjugated with R-PE
FITC, PE 50 tests

Three Color Reagent with Anti-Human antibodies:

  • Kappa light chain FITC
  • Lambda light chain PE
  • CD19 PE-Cyanine 5
FITC, PE, PE-Cyanine5 50 tests