Custom service : Ascites monoclonals production

Custom service : Ascites monoclonals production

A faster technique than currents one and allowing the production of high-concentrated antibody liquids.

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Standard protocol :
- Intra-péritoneal prime by injection of an adjuvant to mice
- Intra-péritoneal injection of hybridomas
- Option : use of customer’s hybridomas or internal production
- Sampling of ascites liquids

Key numbers :
- Number of mice : from 10 in order to launch a production with hybridomas
- Volume of ascites liquids per mouse : 3-5 mL (Balb/c mouse) ; 8-10 mL (SCID mouse)
- Total volume of ascites liquids : depending on the project, until dozens of liters

Ethical remind :
Production of monoclonals by ascites technique must be used in appropriate and justified manner in order to minimize the potential suffering induced by such technique to the animals. Thus, this method must be used only in cases where other methods have failed.<
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