Custom Service : Tritium synthesis and labelling

 Custom Service : Tritium synthesis and labelling

We offer a comprehensive radioisotope custom synthesis service with Tritium (H-3).

We have extensive experience in preparing a wide range of tritiated products. We regularly handle a variety of compounds including, but not limited to, typical small molecule drugs, peptides, proteins, polymers, nucleosides, nucleotides, and oligonucleotides.
Our project scope ranges from single-step, straight forward synthesis to multistep, sensitive macromolecules. We are accustomed to handling minute quantities of precious materials and understand their value to our customers.

Tritium Incorporation

The following are the more common techniques available for introducing tritium into your target molecule:
  • Catalytic Reduction with Tritium Gas
  • Reduction with Sodium Borohydride, [3H]
  • Reduction with Lithium Aluminum Hydride, [3H]
  • Catalytic exchange with Tritium Gas
  • Anion quench with Tritiated Water
  • Alkylation with Methyl Iodide, [3H]

Product Purification

Most tritiated intermediates and final products are typically purified by Semi-Prep or preparative HPLC methods. TLC, Paper Chromatography, low pressure columns and other wet techniques are also applied in custom cases.
Product Analysis
Final product analysis requiring more than the typical HPLC radiotrace should be discussed during the quote request process. We can provide a full analytical package including any of the following applications:
  • HPLC Radioflow analysis
  • HPLC with monochromatic UV or PDA analysis
  • TLC Radioscan
  • T-NMR