Other accessories for culture flasks

Other accessories for culture flasks

These accessories are intended for use with Optimum Growth flanges and reverse transfer plugs. The stands are used to place the flanges during transfer.

The Sterile Inversion Transfer Caps (patented), allow for the simple aseptic transfer of media or cells to cell bags, bioreactors, or flasks (from all manufacturers). The Inversion Transfer Cap works with the 1.6L and 5L Thomson Optimum Growth Flasks (patented). Simply, replace the culture cap with the Transfer Cap and connect to your vessel of choice.

How to Transfer

To transfer, invert the Optimum Growth Flask and let gravity do the rest. The Optimum Growth Flask and Transfer Cap System eliminates the need to transfer cells to an intermediate flask for scale up. Inversion or gravity feed has the lowest shear force of any transfer method available.

The Inversion Transfer Cap in conjunction with the 1.6L and 5L Thomson Optimum Growth Flasks (patented) product line can be used for reagent addition, seeding of larger bioreactors cell bags, or other liquid media transfers.

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