Custom service : Rabbit monoclonals production

Custom service : Rabbit monoclonals production

Rabbit monoclonals are an alternative to other monoclonal..

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Useful in a large number of techniques, they are clearly specific and affine to their target. Due to their high diversity, they can focus many new epitopes than current monoclonals.
Different services are proposed :

Service 1 : Isolation of B-cells

Standard protocol :
- Isolation of B-cells from rabbit spleens
- Preparation of lymphocytes for fusion
- Option : Conservation of additional B-cells for 3 months in nitrogen

Service 2 : Development of rabbit monoclonal hybridomas

Standard protocol :
- Fusion of B-cells with myelomas
- ELISA screening against antigen
- Expansion of positive hybridomasand confirmation by ELISA
- Sending of positive supernatants to the customer for clone testing in their applications of interest.

Key numbers :
- Number of plates for screening : 40 (96 wells)
- Number of positive supernatants : 10-40
- Volume of positive supernatant sent to the customer : 1 mL

Service 3 : Sub-cloning of rabbit hybridomas

Standard protocol :
- Sub-cloning of hybridomas chosen by the customer
- Sending of sub-clones supernatants of each hybridoma to the customer
- Screening of the supernatants by the customer
- Expansion of chosen sub-cloned hybridomas and freezing of cells
- Sending of 1 part of the cells to the customer and stocking of the other part in the supplier lab

Key numbers :
- Number of sub-cloned hybridomas : 1-3
- Number of sub-clones by hybridomas: 10
- Volume of positive supernatants sent to the customer : 1 mL
- Number of tubes sent/stocked : 2/3

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