Mammalian cell culture medium, Serum Free

Mammalian cell culture medium, Serum Free

Serum-free mammalian cell culture media represent a significant advance in the field of cell biotechnology. Unlike traditional media that rely on animal serum to provide the necessary nutrients, these serum-free formulations offer major advantages in terms of reproducibility, quality control and specific applications.

This innovative medium is specifically designed to support cell growth, survival and protein production without the use of animal serum, avoiding the complications associated with serum variability. Key components include mineral salts, amino acids, vitamins and growth factors carefully balanced to mimic the optimal physiological environment of cells.

In summary, serum-free mammalian cell culture medium marks a crucial advance in cell culture, offering a reliable and sophisticated alternative to meet the growing demands of biomedical research and biopharmaceutical production. This innovative approach is helping to improve the robustness of cell cultures while opening up new prospects for the advancement of life sciences.

Mammalian Cell Culture Medium is an animal-free formulation and is a serum-free complete medium developed for robust cell growth and protein expression in a wide range of mammalian cells, including 293, CHO and hybridoma lines. It contains L-Glutamine and Kolliphor ® P188 (Pluronic ® F-68).

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