Custom service: Teratoma Formation Assay

Custom service: Teratoma Formation Assay

A gold standard method to characterize pluripotency of human and mouse ES/iPS cells.

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    • Fast turnaround time--as short as four weeks.

  • Only 0.5 million (mouse) or 1-2 million (human) cells per injection site
  • We perform both kidney and testis injections with a >90%success rate of teratoma formation.

What you get from us:

  • Detailed report including protocol description and a list of identified tissues with images
  • CD with all images in high resolution
  • Tissue blocks
  • H&E slides
  • Snap-frozen teratoma tissue (if requested)

What we need from you:

  • Mouse ES/iPS: 3-6 X 10^6 cells
  • Human ES/iPS: 20 X 10^6 cells

1. Choice of injection method

Teratomas formed after subcutaneous injection often contain undefined tissues that are difficult to identify (A-C). In contrast, injection under the kidney or testis capsule results in characteristic teratomas with differentiated tissues derived from all three germ layers (D-I).

2. Importance of dual injection under BOTH kidney and testis capsule

Only ~60%of human iPS cell lines form teratomas in both kidney and testis. The other lines preferentially form teratomas in either one, but not in both organ types. Therefore, we always inject into both the kidney and testis capsule (four injection sites total).