We offer a wide range of custom services for DNA/RNA synthesis, modification, design, purification, and analysis. Whether you need mRNA, primers, probes, genes, clones, shRNA, DNA arrays, or PCR/RT-PCR products, we have the expertise and the technology to meet your needs. Our DNA/RNA services include:

  • mRNA synthesis: Custom mRNAs with various modifications at different scales and lengths.
  • Primer synthesis: Primers for various applications with labels, spacers, or quenchers.
  • Probe synthesis: Probes for various applications with fluorophores, quenchers, or linkers.
  • Gene synthesis: Genes of any length and complexity with codon optimization, error correction, and cloning options.
  • Clone modification: Existing clones with site-directed mutagenesis, insertion, deletion, or fusion.
  • shRNA design and synthesis: shRNA molecules for gene silencing with vector and delivery options.
  • DNA arrays: Custom DNA arrays with thousands of oligonucleotides on a single chip.
  • DNA/RNA purification: DNA or RNA from various sources with high yield and quality.
  • PCR/RT-PCR experiment: PCR or RT-PCR experiments with optimized protocols and reagents.

At Clinisciences we are more than just a service provider; we are your scientific partner, dedicated to advancing your research goals. With a commitment to quality, precision, and innovation, we invite you to explore the possibilities that our DNA/RNA services offer.

Custom service : mRNA synthesis
We can custom synthesize your mRNAs.

Custom service : primer synthesis
We can custom synthesize your primers. => Quote request

Custom service : probe synthesis
We can custom synthesize your DNA probes for qPCR (MolecularBeacons/EasyBeacons ou TaqMan®/HydrolEasy probes) => Quote request

Custom service : Gene synthesis
We propose to produce a double-stranded DNA from your nucleotidic sequence. => Quote request

Custom service : Clone modification
We propose you to modify your clone according to your needs. => Quote request

Custom service : shRNA design and synthesis
We propose you to synthetize your shRNA. => Quote request

Custom service : DNA Arrays
We developed a standardized process for developing Custom Projects. => Quote request  

Custom service : DNA/RNA purification
We perform your extractions and purifications of nucleic acids. => Quote request

Custom service : PCR/RT-PCR experiment
We perform your PCR and RT-PCR from the biological material that you supply or from the one we prepare or synthetized for you. => Quote request