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Multiplex immunoassays for flow cytometry
AimPlex™ multiplex assay technology utilizes multiple bead populations differentiated by size and different levels of fluorescence intensity.  With multiple sizes of beads and multiple levels of fluorescence intensity in each bead size, the AimPlex technology can measure up to 24 analytes simultaneously in a single reaction.  The bead populations in the reaction are determined by a flow cytometer equipped with a 488nm laser. ...

MHC Tetramers
The ONLY method to directly measure antigen-specific T cells.

Quantibody Antibody Array
Quantibody® Array is an array-based, multiplex snadwich ELISA system for simultaneously quantitative measurement of the concentration of multiple cytokines in one sample. Quantibody Antibody Arrays Products

Label-Based Antibody Arrays
With the label-based antibody arrays, researchers can now obtain a broad, panoramic view of cytokine expression. Antibody Arrays L-Series Products

Glass Slide-Based Antibody Arrays
Raybiotech G-Series Antibody Arrays use glass slide platform, which delivers easy handling, speed and consistency for microarray-based assays. Antibody Arrays G-Series Products

Membrane-Based Antibody Arrays
The technology of membrane antibody array is based on the sandwich immunoassay principle. Antibody Arrays C-Series Products