Cell culture media for in vitro meat production

Cell culture media for in vitro meat production

Cultivated meat production hinges on the development of an efficient, robust, and meticulously optimized serum-free cell culture medium, which is pivotal for the essential scaling up of muscle cell expansion. In response to this critical need, the groundbreaking Meatdia culture medium has emerged as a game-changer in the field.

The Meatdia culture medium has been optimized to allow the proliferation and the myogenic differentiation of bovine satellite cells (SCs) for cultivated meat production. With a known and standardized composition, and not containing fetal bovine serum, Meatdia has been formulated specifically for the in vitro culture of bovine satellite cells.

One of the distinctive features of Meatdia is its specialization for the in vitro culture of bovine satellite cells, ensuring optimal conditions for their growth and development. This medium's unique formulation has been fine-tuned to support the specific requirements of myogenic differentiation, a central step in the production of cultivated meat.

As the cultivated meat industry continues its remarkable evolution, the significance of Meatdia cannot be overstated. It plays a central role in advancing the scalability and efficiency of muscle cell expansion, contributing to a sustainable and humane future for meat production

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