Custom service : Guinea Pig polyclonals production

Custom service : Guinea Pig polyclonals production

Use of Guinea Pig give less antibody volumes however these animals are phylogenetically far from mouse in comparison with rat and then can be used to produce anti-mouse antibodies.

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This prestation is realized from peptide, recombinant protein, cDNA (genetic immunization), small organisms, haptens, protein extracts etc…

Standard protocol :
- Peptide design
- Peptide synthesis ou Recombinant protein production
- KLH labeling (or any other carrier) if necessary
- Collection of pre-immune serum
- Immunization of Guinea Pig for 50-70 days
- Delivery of immune serum
- Option : Affinity purification against the antigen or protein A

Key numbers :
- Minimal number of animals in the protocol : 3
- Protocol length : 50-70 days (depending on protocol)
- Number of injections per animal : 4
- Quantity of antigen per injection : 100-250 µg
- Number of sample collections per animal : 1
- Final amount of antibodies per animal : 6-15 mL

We can develop polyclonal antibodies from other species : Rabbit, Chicken, Rat, Mouse, Chinese Hamster, Goat, Donkey, Sheep.

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