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BIOMIMESYS® hydroscaffold 3D is the only technology based Hyaluronic Acid...
TrueBlot® is a secondary antibody that allows detection of molecules with no ...
Detect Mouse Antibody on Mouse Tissue
Microscope slides and coverslips Try our new range of Frosted slides for free
The normalization of specific quantitative assay results is critical to inter...


 Kits and reagents for Dye Terminator Removal 
Higher thermostability, processivity, and fidelity than retroviral reverse transcriptases
Collagenases are proteolytic enzymes able to cleave peptide bonds in the triple helical collagen molecule.
Countstar Rigel S2 combines two fluorescence channels plus a brightfield digital microscope, an image cytometer and a cell counter in a single benchtop instrument
QClamp® Detects Rare and Actionable Cancer Mutations & Fusion Genes with ultrasensitivity New Technology : Xenonucleic Acid (XNA) Molecular Clamp Technology