Save 30% on Transfection Reagents Now!

Save 30% on Transfection Reagents Now!

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 Do you need a solution to manipulate gene expression in your cells? 


Our versatile transfection reagents are adept at efficiently transfecting various cell types while minimizing cytotoxicity. Optimized for a wide array of nucleic acid molecules including plasmid DNA (pDNA), small interfering RNA (siRNA), messenger RNA (mRNA), and microRNA (miRNA), these reagents exhibit robust performance in standard cell lines as well as challenging primary and stem cells.


These transfection reagents have several common advantages, including:


Formulated from cationic compounds that protect nucleic acids

    Compatible with serum and antibiotics

Non-toxic or low-toxicity to cells

    Versatile and capable of transfecting different types of cells

Discover our reagents, designed to optimize for specific primary cell types, and nucleic acid molecules:

Cell transfection reagents
Reagents for RNA transfection
Reagents for DNA transfection
Other transfections
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