Insect cell medium : Test and get better performance !

Insect cell medium : Test and get better performance !

ESF AF - Animal-Free Insect Medium


ESF AF Medium is an animal origin-free and animal component-free formulation for insect cell culture. It has been thoroughly tested on Sf9, Sf21, Tni (High FiveTM) and S2 cell lines and is comparable to ESF 921 for growth and expression. ESF AF is the logical choice for further manufacturing under cGMP/FDA regulatory compliance and has a Drug Master File with the US FDA.




  • 100% animal component-free
  • Comparable to ESF 921 medium for robust cell growth and expression
  • Sf9 cell densities of 20 x 10^6 cells/ml or greater
  • Ideal for scale-up manufacturing
  • Works with a wide variety of baculovirus and host cell platforms
  • Optimized for applications such as production of sub-unit vaccines, virus-like particles and gene therapy vectors (rAAV - all serotypes)
  • Available in 1L bottles, media transfer bags and single use bioreactor bags
  • Complete, ready-to-use, contains L-glutamine
  • In stock for immediate shipment
  • Adapted cells available for testing








Cat number



1L, 10L or 20L - Bulk size available on demand



Media type
Ready-to-use serum-free animal-free liquid, 1X



Platform compatibility
Functions with BestBac, Bacmid, Bac-to-Bac, BacMamn MultiBac and other BEVS platform



Cell lines
Spodoptera frugiperda (Sf9, Sf21), Trichoplusia ni (Tni and High Five) and Drosophilia melonogaster (S2)



Shipping condition



Storage condition
2-8°C, protect from light



One year from date of manufacture