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Proteus Rapid Protein Purification Kits

Proteus Protein A and G, Ni-IMAC and NoEndo Kits

40% off on RNA Library prep kits

Offer n°20170607-ARN-LEXOGEN valid until 31/08/2017

Cell damage and toxicity - FABP ELISA Kits

Highly sensitive measurement of cytosolic proteins allows early and rapi...

Realtime Stain

 SDS-PAGE Reinvented: The world's first universal protein pre-stain!

Biotin-Streptavidin HRP or AP Kits

Biotin-Streptavidin HRP or AP Broad, Mouse and Rabbit Kits : Biotinylated sec...


Circulating Tumour Cell Stabilisation

Stabilisation of Circulating Tumour Cells in TransFix Treated Blood Samples

Hydroxyproline & Collagen Assay Kits (PCA free)

The simplest, yet sensitive series of assays in the market !!!!

HRP or AP Polymer Detection Kits

for Mouse, Rabbit, Goat Primary Antibodies on Human Tissue

FlexLISA® Kits

Flexible, quick and easy ELISA development and optimization!

PCR Clean-Up Reagent

EnzSAP PCR Cleanup reagent is a proprietary formulation of 2 hydrolytic enzymes 

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