Paraldehyde fuchsin (PAF) stain

Paraldehyde fuchsin (PAF) stain

Paraldehyde fuchsin (PAF) stain is also called Gomori staining.

Paraldehyde fuchsin (PAF) stain is a stain using basic paraldehyde fuchsin and hydrochloric acid.

Fuchsin aldehyde has poorly understood affinity for elastic tissue, beta granules in pancreatic islets, neurosecretory material, mast cell granules, and beta cells in the pituitary gland. The main ingredients are basic fuchsin and paraldehyde. Several counterstains can be used. Counterstaining improves the appearance of another primary stain, but in practice usually provides additional specific information. Hyaline cartilage, elastic fibers, mucin, mast cell granules and beta cells are stained purple. Other tissues are stained according to the counterstaining used.

Here are some examples of stains obtained with PAF stain:
  • Pancreatic Beta Cell Granules: Dark purple
  • Elastic fibers: dark purple
  • Cellular cores: red
  • Connective tissue: green

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